quick facts:

- grew the gross value of my first business by 3000% within 5 years

- founder and social media/brand strategist for entrepreneurial projects Rental Revival, Nerd Novice, heypoletti!, and The She League

- introduced to videography at the end of 2014 and by 2015 it was a paid job

- Assistant Engineer for Alan Parsons at a student workshop

- developed branding, marketing, web design, content creation, and digital media curriculum for musicians at my institution because being a musician should mean being an entrepreneur

- I have been a featured guest professor for branding, audio engineering, and web design projects in several courses outside my own (even a Physics class!)

- producer of several podcasts including The She League Podcast and Notes from the Conservatory

- I wrote a viral blog post about putting contact paper on your rental’s countertops

- one day I hope to write a book and create an app

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photo by  Hilary Bovay

photo by Hilary Bovay


Megan Kuhar is a Marketing Technology Coach with many titles: entrepreneur, videographer, blogger, podcast producer, audio engineer, educator, and musician. She is the first-ever Assistant Professor of Music Technology at her alma mater, Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music. In addition to studying Music and Arts Management as an undergraduate, Megan studied and taught Audio Engineering at Cuyahoga Community College, and received her Master's in Music Technology with a self-created focus in social media marketing for musicians. 

At Baldwin Wallace, Megan specializes in empowering students and professionals to hone their entrepreneurial instincts, while leveraging video, audio, and web design to create a strong brand identity. She aims to inspire individuals to harness these 21st century tools to pursue their artistic visions, and thereby tell their story in engaging and innovative ways.

Outside of her academic work, Megan co-founded website The She League, where she contributes articles and podcasts ranging in topics from motherhood to boyband retrospectives. She is also an auxiliary percussionist & keyboard player for The Commonwealth, and enjoys studying traditional repertoire for a West African xylophone called the gyil. 

An endlessly curious creator, Megan can usually be found tinkering with websites, yarn, or decor. She lives in her mid-century dream home with her husband Nick, their superbaby Clark, and their wild border collie Petunia.