The New Class: Artists as Entrepreneurs

We’re training young musicians who were born into a digital age, and it’s vital we guide them on how to become artist-entrepreneurs—not just seats in an orchestra.

A Pew Research study from 2004 (that was a long time ago, remember?) concluded that 2 out of 3 musicians surveyed “note that the internet has had a big effect on improving their ability to connect with their audience” (link).

If that was the case nearly 15 years ago… how much do you think it matters now?

So, how can we make sure music majors know how to leverage their content for a digital audience?

By teaching Music Technology projects with an entrepreneurial twist.

I call it ModernMusic.Tech.

My new class is all about helping my students build a brand message and broadcasting it on the internet through video, audio, and words.

I want them to know their language and speak it.

Don’t you?

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