Renovating Innovating: Innovation in Music Schools

Lightbulb moment: We don’t give our students enough space to innovate their career trajectory.

Music majors have such a crammed course load that there isn’t time for them to be creative in how they approach a career in music.

I know there’s a lot to learn in music school. Dictation, theory, history, and all of the ensembles and lessons. But we need to rethink how we integrate innovation into all of this programming.

The first step for a musician to step into the artist-entrepreneur role is to develop their brand and hone in on their unique specialty. Just as it is in the practice room, sometimes you must start with a foundation of techniques. For music, this means intonation and rhythm. For the artist-entrepreneur, the foundation is their brand. While intonation and rhythm eventually turn into musical expression, a brand eventually turns into an authentic message.

Having a concise brand message gives the student room to innovate and create opportunities for themselves. If we don’t create the opportunities in their course loads for innovation, are we really setting them up for success?

Photography by Hilary Bovay

brandingMegan KuharComment