The tools you need to succeed in marketing technology.

Creating your project is only the first part of the equation. Sharing it with the world comes next. If you’re looking for ways to up the ante on your digital content game, you’ve come to the right place.

This is a curated list of tools (both physical and digital) that I strongly recommend for building your online presence. It’s important to know that I have tested and used each and every one of the tools listed on this page, unless otherwise noted. In some cases, I’ve given you a few options, depending on your budget, because I know us artists aren’t rich. The budget-friendly options are labeled with a ✰.

You’ll find the list is split into categories: Podcasting, Videos, Websites, Branding, and Books.

This list contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything from my links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!


What supplies do you need to start podcasting?

Podcasting supplies

To podcast, you need a microphone, interface, headphones, and hard drive of some kind. There are a few options for this setup, and they are listed as options below.

Required Supplies for All Podcasters

Headphones: Audio Technica MTH-30x

Editing software: Audacity or GarageBand
Both options are free, but GarageBand only comes with Mac computers. I use Avid ProTools, which is a professional audio engineer’s software program and isn’t necessary for podcasters. But if you’re interested, you can buy it here.


OPTION 1: Microphones + Interface + Computer

Your computer

Shure Beta 58a

+ Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

+ Accessories: Microphone cable and desktop stand✰ or boom stand for each host, pop filter

TOTAL COST: $343—$359


AT-BPHS1 Headset microphone

+ Focusrite Scarlett 2i2


OPTION 2: Microphone + Portable Recorder

Shure Beta 58a

Zoom H6 Portable Recorder
Also has built-in mics, which makes it useful for field recordings. But I would not recommend using the built-in mics for the highest quality podcast recording, unless you are recording in a treated room.

Accessories: Microphone cable and desktop stand✰ or boom stand for each host, SD card, pop filter

TOTAL COST: $591—$606

OPTION 3: USB Microphone✰

Blue Yeti USB Microphone and pop filter


Note: This may seem like the best option because it is the cheapest, but I would caution you to think about whether you want to record more than one voice at a time on a regular basis. If so, a USB microphone may be more work than it’s worth. You’re better off going with Option 1 or Option 2.


What supplies do you need to start recording videos?

Basic Video Supplies

To get started filming great videos for your online presence (think social media videos, vlogs, tutorials, or performance videos), you need a camera & accessories, tripod, and video editing software.

You can definitely use your smartphone, but you may need additional lighting and a tripod.

I’ll break down the supplies into two categories: "professional supplies” and “low budget.”

Professional Video Supplies

Canon 6D Camera (also a photography camera!)
Sigma 50mm lens
Lavalier mic OR Shotgun mic with boom stand and microphone cable
Zoom H6 Portable Recorder
Audio Technica MTH-30x Headphones
SD Card (you’ll need 2, one for the camera and one for the audio)

Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X (Mac only) or Adobe Premiere Pro

Bonus items*: Softbox light, backdrop stand
*I haven’t tried these specific items, but I have used very similar ones (which are now unavailable)

Low Budget Video Supplies✰

Your smartphone
Phone tripod

Editing Software: iMovie (for Apple products)
I don’t have a recommendation for an Android or PC video editor, but if you use one that you love, send me an email to let me know what it is.

Bonus item: Shure Phone Microphone, Phone ring light**
**This will glare in your glasses. If you wear glasses, you will need to film in a naturally bright room and not use this light.


My most trusted tools for building an artist website

The Best Tools to Build A Website

Squarespace is my favorite professional option besides hiring a web designer to build you a custom site. As of April 2019 it is $144 to get started. You can DIY a website, but if you’re having trouble, I offer Squarespace website construction.

✰ If you’d rather spend half of that to get started on your website, I recommend Weebly. While it doesn’t have the same amount of customization that Squarespace does and is a lot more limited in its features, it is a lot easier to use.


Apps and other tools for building brand consistency

Tools for Building Brand Consistency

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Books I Love About Branding & Entrepreneurship

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