Jordan Saul

Music Educator

Knowing that I had the support and expertise of Megan Kuhar gave me the confidence I needed to incorporate website creation into my curriculum for pre-service teachers.

She provided technological guidance, design ideas, and professional considerations for what turned out to be fantastic, user-friendly, content-rich sites.  These projects are now standard practice in my curriculum, largely because I can focus on evaluating the content knowing the students are supported technologically by Prof. Kuhar.

The students see immediate results, and when they are professionals in the field, they have the expertise to create a professional web presence for themselves and their music education programs.  

Laura Berg

Actor & Educator

Megan's expertise is invaluable to young artists who are starting out. So much of our early training deals with creating art, but not ways to brand one's business, make our art marketable, or navigate the ever-changing world of technology to put ourselves out there in a way that can become financially successful.

With her help my students (and myself) have been able to redefine our own personal brands, create websites, and are moving through the world in a more confident way, creating both art and business opportunities.

Ken Schneck


If an artist creates something amazing in the woods and no one is around to witness it, does it make a sound? No. No it does not.

Megan Kuhar has been instrumental in letting the world know about my work. She created the perfect website to trumpet my writing: first consulting with me to determine my needs, then creating the perfect site that captures my voice, and finally being über-responsive to my desperate cries of, “Wait! Help me put this on there too!”

Her digital content skills saved me in a different realm when I needed to record an audiobook version of my memoir. She supportively sat beside recording my every word (and every gaffe) and delivered a final product that I truly feel is better than the physical copy of my book. Although it is a joy to have my words in print, I treasure that I have such an incredible audiobook to accompany the pages.

Sarah Weiss

Founder, SpiritHeal Institute

Megan knows her stuff and is so upbeat and generous... a great teacher!